Newbie questions - libraries, debug from reset vector, running without debug

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Newbie questions - libraries, debug from reset vector, running without debug

Postby kayess » Tue May 14, 2019 3:11 am

Hello all.

I'm new to TrueStudio; apologies for what may be some simple questions. I have started with a SMT32F1 Value Line discovery kit, following the provided instructions for starting a project and then gone off adding and modifying to play around with it. I'm quite overwhelmed with all the IDE options - hopefully they'll make more sense as I use them.

1. In the Project Explorer I see h files in Includes and c files in Libraries. I want to use my existing libraries. I cannot find a way to add them through the IDE, only by depositing copies of the libraries into the existing Libraries folder for the project. Is there any way I can include existing files with a reference in the project explorer? And to ensure they are not editable within the IDE's own editer?

2. I can debug but cannot for the life of me figure out how to just make a simple run configuration to flash the target and let it run.

3. I like poking around the disassembly to see what's actually going on. When debugging a reset brings me to main(). I would love to view the start-up assembly prior to that, from the reset vector. Is there any way?

Thank you.

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