Debug step into C library

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Debug step into C library

Postby not-a-user » Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:57 pm

When I put a breakpoint at malloc, the source window tells me 'No source available for "malloc() at 0x80e7bc0"'. How can I debug step into the C library? I guess I will have to point gdb to the debugging symbols (are they included in the .so static libs?) and to the source code (ST is required to put it up for download somewhere, but where?)

Edit: If I do this with a native ubuntu eclipse project, I get a message that tells me which source file it is missing and I can `apt source glibc`, point eclipse to the source tree and step into malloc. So the problem seems to be that the debug symbols for the C library are not loaded in my true studio configuration at all.

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