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Conversion of EWARM project to Studio

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2020 5:42 am
by partha_nayani
Hi all,
I have procured an STM32WB55 board and wanted to test ZigBee communication. The sample codes given out by ST are based on the EWARM compiler whereas I am using TrueStudio. I guess importing EWARM projects into TrueStudio is not an easy task so thought of creating source files by copying text from the source files of the sample project. In this particular sample project, I came across this statement "PLACE_IN_SECTION("MB_MEM1") ALIGN(4) static TL_ZIGBEE_Config_t ZigbeeConfigBuffer;" I guess it is informing the compiler/linker where the buffer is located and MB_MEM1 may have been defined as RAM address or so but not seen this definition in the project files. I would like to know
1. Equivalent statement in Studio (anything to do with linker scripts or directly used as in the example) which will place the buffer at a particular location in memory. (I wonder why it is done first of all?)
2. if there are any easier ways of importing EWARM projects into TrueStudio.

Thank you very much for your time. Best regards.
(wonder why sample projects are in EWARM, though Studio is STs own and also why sample codes are/look so complicated)