Breakpoint issue when debugging from external SDRAM

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Breakpoint issue when debugging from external SDRAM

Postby AJVOGEL » Fri Feb 01, 2019 1:21 pm


I’m having troubles with Atollic Truestudio v9.2.0 when debugging from external SDRAM on a STM32H743 evaluation board.

I’m developing an application which executes from SDRAM. A small bootloader does copy this application from QSPI flash to SDRAM.
Now I want to debug the application executing from SDRAM. The application is already pre-programmed in the QSPI flash with STMCubeProgrammer, so the debug session doesn’t need to load the program.
When starting the debug-session, the breakpoint set with “thbreak main” in the initialization script does work and the program stops at this point.

But the other breakpoints from a previous session are not active, although they seem active in the Breakpoints window tab.
When checking the source-files where these breakpoints reside, there is warning shown: Breakpoint installation failed: Cannot access memory at address 0xXXXXXXXX.

Each time when starting the debugger, I have to manually toggle the disable/enable breakpoint checkbox the get these breakpoints active.

Do you have a solution or work-around for this issue?
Can I do something in the initialization scripts to enable this breakpoints?


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