buffer name problem in stm32 project.

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buffer name problem in stm32 project.

Postby abdullah169 » Wed Jan 23, 2019 2:13 pm

we have made a project with stm32f429zi nucleo.
The buffer we use in our project is defined in this way.

Code: Select all

#define TEST_FUNC_ARRAY()                       \
  test_function_t test_functions[TestDef__Max_] = { \
      &Test_ST1_Bit,                         \
      &Test_ST2_Bit,                         \
          &Test_1_PowerUp,                    \
          &Test_2_HighVoltForPol,             \
          &Test_3_HighVoltForPol,             \
          &Test_4_HighVoltForPol,             \
          &Test_5_HighVoltRevPol,             \
          &Test_6_HighVoltRevPol,             \
          &Test_7_MCUprogram,                \
          &Test_8_InitialSetup,               \
          &Test_9_InitialSetup,               \
          &Test_10_InitialSetup,              \
          &Test_11_InitialSetup,              \
          &Test_12_InitialSetup,              \
          &Test_13_InitialSetup,              \
          &Test_14_TargetClock,               \
          &Test_15_ArmTest,                   \
          &Test_16_InvalidCommand,            \
          &Test_17_ClearStatus,               \

but when we run in debug mode, we see +2 at the end of the Test_15_ArmTest parameter.
what could be the reason.

Normally it should be:
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Re: buffer name problem in stm32 project.

Postby riforifo » Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:06 pm


The above situation occurs as follows, there are 2 developers. Both developers download the code from the repository and issue a build & debug cycle.
Test_functions is an array of function pointers.

When the debug process starts the outcome differs as explained in the above post. I think this has to do with the project properties but I wasn't able to find the cause of the problem.
I tried disabling optimizations and disable dead code, dead data removal but the problem persists.

I would be happy if you can guide us.

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