Debug Launching Failed for V9 and UP

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Debug Launching Failed for V9 and UP

Postby Bledinde » Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:21 am

Hi Everyone,

I have newly installed TS V9.2 this week And I'm not able to launch the debugger. As soon as I click the launch debug button this message box appear (see attachement).

I am using a STM32F439ZI on the Nucleo-F439ZI eval board, a J-Link debug probe and I generated the project using STM32CubeMx V5.01. My PC is running Win10

I have tried many thing like using the integrated st link probe. The same message appear with both probe and with the other pass software version (TS V9.1 & V9.0). Both probe driver are up to date and I am able to connect to the target MCU using their respective tool. I even loaded the .hex file generated from true studio compiler to the target device using the st link utility. I know that the board and the wiring is correct.

This error message appears even if no debug probe are connected. It seem to be related to windows or with the arm-atollic-eabi-gdb client app not being able to connect to the gdb server of the j link and the st link. I added exception on the windows firewall and the issue is still present. I have also try to uninstall and reinstall everything without any success.

I am new to True Studio, so maybe I am doing something wrong. Does someone already experience this issue or know how to solve it.
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