Debug Session Failed in v9.1 & v9.2

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Debug Session Failed in v9.1 & v9.2

Postby kevinwabbit » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:09 am

Hello everyone,
There are three different version of TruesSTUDIO installed in my computer.
    TrueSTUDIO for STM32 9.0.0
    TrueSTUDIO for STM32 9.1.0
    TrueSTUDIO for STM32 9.2.0

When I tried to start debugging session on v9.1 and v9.2, it failed.But everything work fine in v9.0.
The error dialog showed by the v9.2 is (I don't know how to post a screen shot :| ):

Title:Launch terminaed
Content:Failed to fetch device information

Title:Embedded C/C++ Application
Content:Failure at line:6 in 'Target Software Startup Scripts'.Please edit the debug configuration settings.
Error finishing flash operation

The debug log showed below:
STMicroelectronics ST-LINK GDB server. Version 5.1.0
Copyright (c) 2018, STMicroelectronics. All rights reserved.

Starting server with the following options:
Persistent Mode : Disabled
Logging Level : 1
Listen Port Number : 61234
Status Refresh Delay : 15s
Verbose Mode : Disabled
SWD Debug : Enabled

Waiting for debugger connection...
Debugger connected
Encountered Error when opening ..\STM32CubeProgrammer\bin\STM32_Programmer_CLI.exe
Error in STM32CubeProgrammer
Encountered a Socket Error, Exiting..
Debugger connection lost.
Shutting down...

I didn't modify the target software startup scripts, it just keep default.
# Set flash parallelism mode to 32, 16, or 8 bit when using STM32 F2/F4 microcontrollers
# 2=32 bit, 1=16 bit and 0=8 bit parallelism mode
monitor flash set_parallelism_mode 2

# Load the program executable

# Enable Debug connection in low power modes (DBGMCU->CR)
set *0xE0042004 = (*0xE0042004) | 0x7
# Set a breakpoint at main().
tbreak main

# Run to the breakpoint.

I also installed the STM32CubeProgrammer v1.3.0 GUI interface.It is well connected to ST-Link V2 which firmware version is V2J32S7. The elf file download process is successfully with this standalone CubeProg.

I tried to totally close OS firewall, but nothing change.

I'm going to use v9.0 until this problem fixed.

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