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ITM_SendChar output corrupted.

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 12:01 pm
by NCTUser

I am a newbie in STM32 and TrueSTUDIO and I would like to ask
for some advice about the using of the SWO's text sending function.

I use the TrueSTUDIO 9.0.0 with ST-LINK (Nucleo-F302R8) and the
target is STM32F102 and seemly the SWO/ITM works corretly, I
see the sent messages in TrueSTUDIO's SWV console, but I
experienced some strange behavior.

1. Sometimes the sent messages are corrupted in the console
window. Some messages are missing or are "overwrited". I tried
different SWO freqs but this does not affect the error.

I use the ITM_SendChar function intensively in an infinite loop
but as I see in the ITM_SendChar's code there is a mechanism
which hangs up the execution until the ITM's fifo available again
and pervents overflow or I think it should be.

What can causes this problem? How can I use the ITM_SendChar
if I would like to get the messages without error?

2. I have a dummy counter in the infinite loop, which is observed
through the SWV Data Trace window which works well but when I
use the my printfx function (which uses the ITM_SendChar) in the
same loop the SWV Data Trace does not work. The value of the I
see only dummyVariable does not change and there is only one write
access int the history and no more.

When I suspend the program execution I see in the Expressions
window that the dummyVariable was incremented. When I comment
out my printfx function the SWV Data Trace works as expected.

Could anyone explain me what happens here? Or is this normal and
should I accept this behavior?

3. Using the SWV Data Trace to watch variables live is not too
convenient. I read the atollic blog, that the Live expressions
window does not work with ST-LINKv2. It is pretty important funciton
and for example the Keil supports this with the ST-LINK. Is there in
plan to support the Live expressions with ST-LINKv2? Or should we
try with the newerST-LINKv3?

Thank you!

Code: Select all

    /* core_cm3.h */
    __STATIC_INLINE uint32_t ITM_SendChar (uint32_t ch)
        if (((ITM->TCR & ITM_TCR_ITMENA_Msk) != 0UL) &&      /* ITM enabled */
           ((ITM->TER & 1UL               ) != 0UL)   )     /* ITM Port #0 enabled */
            while (ITM->PORT[0U].u32 == 0UL)
            ITM->PORT[0U].u8 = (uint8_t)ch;
        return (ch);

    void printfx(char* pText)
        if (++itmCouner == 10)
            itmCouner = 0;

        ITM_SendChar(itmCouner + 0x30);
        ITM_SendChar(' ');

        while (*pText != '\0')

    /* Infinite loop */
    while (1)
        /* USER CODE END WHILE */

        printfx("Hello world!\n");

        /* USER CODE BEGIN 3 */
    /* USER CODE END 3 */