Using atollic without any workspace

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Using atollic without any workspace

Postby Bolo » Sat Aug 18, 2018 9:50 am

Dear forum users,
I want to place projects in different directories, regardless of workspace location. Is it possible to use Atollic without workspace definition at all?
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Re: Using atollic without any workspace

Postby Bughunter » Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:09 pm


I am doing this by simply using menu File --> Open Project From File System --> Import Source.

But you still need to have set up at least one workspace directory. I think this is a somewhat weird concept that better should be handled by different Windows/Linux/Mac user accounts, but this is ecplise's philosophy. Or maybe I haven't fully understood what's the goal of having several workspaces.

In fact I use only one workspace directory and I use it for nothing that's project-related, only for stuff that's machine-related.

Be sure to use only relative paths (e.g. "PROJECT_LOC\..\..\Src\<filename.c>") for your project files. (Right-Click on properties of .c or .h file)

Unfortunately what is visible in the project explorer WILL be written to the Workspace directory (only the view, not the content), but you can Right-Click "Delete" (@Mattias: this IMHO should a) be renamed to "Remove" and b) "..." should be added to indicate that a dialogue will open, ending up in "Remove ..." (instead "Delete") as the menu entry's name. Note the "..." at the end!

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