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Re: Build Analyzer

Postby Bughunter » Thu Nov 29, 2018 4:25 pm


there seem to be still 1 or 2 bugs left (TrueStudio 9.1.0, so currently the latest version)


1.) A (Single) click on the project you want to analyze will show Memory Regions and Memory Details.
But here we have a rather strange Bug: "Memory Regions" is ONLY shown if you have activated "create map file". But Memory Details (of which I would expect THESE would need the .map file much more than just the memory regions) are also populated WITHOUT having a .map file created ... :shock: :?:

2.) A (Single!) click on the .elf file and waiting for some seconds will be visualize the Stack usage. (I manually created a link to the .elf file in the project explorer to make this click possible).
I would consider it a bug that this only will happen when clicking directly on the .elf file. I would expect this already to happen when clicking on the project (as it indeed works for memory regions/memory details).

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Re: Build Analyzer

Postby fkramos » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:08 pm

I solved the analyzer bug doing a perspective reset:
Window->Perspective->Reset Perspective

(make to sure to backup if you don't want to lose your settings).

Maybe it could solve your problem too.

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