Firmware upload for STM32L476RG dev board.

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Firmware upload for STM32L476RG dev board.

Postby Blackbird » Fri Oct 18, 2019 5:08 pm

I uploaded firmware meant for the STM32L431CBT dev board to the STM32L476RG dev board. I noticed that I couldn't debug in real time using STLINK and SWV. But the STM32L476RG Board ran just fine on its own. Could it be that the board is damaged?

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Re: Firmware upload for STM32L476RG dev board.

Postby frank_ee » Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:01 pm


The board downloads code and runs without the debugger? Check the ST Link settings. If you can download code, the ST Link is working, but your debug settings need adjustment.

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