Merging bootloader and App in trueStudion

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Merging bootloader and App in trueStudion

Postby externalTools » Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:17 am

I am using this guide to develop a custom bootloader for a customer (and also the app).

When building the two seperate projects I make a boot.elf and app.elf. I then debug and use the debug startup script to load the two binaries to the target. It works pretty well but I have some issues with debugging it. The flash works goot though.

I also generate a app.bin and elf.bin that have been used by the customer to flash their local development rigg with st-link.

Is there a way to concatenate the two bin files automaticly in trueStudio?

I have tried to use HxD to do this but then I get the app just after the boot location in flash. And it should start at 0x08004000. And i keep the boot at 0x0800000.
One simple solution is to extract the flashed binary from the target after debugging but I hoped there would be a less cumbersome method for our release process to use.

And if anyone from Attolic is reading this, thanks for a great bootloader development/debugging manual.

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