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Re: code manual

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:46 am
by artbody
nuclear__ wrote:Well after a brief search i made the same conclusions about cost and support so i chose st. I bought a nucleo 32f767 to begin . I must start thinking different with this platform. Thank you for your tips

The simple solution is to start with STMcube to configure your MCU board
there you have an easy way to set clock speed, GPIO's, IRQ's Timers and so on.

Save as project , generate code

open Atollic and import ...

Then you'll need the MCU manual and datasheet.
Now you have 2 ways to do your thing
1. use the HAL - this is the easy way
2. use CMSIS and direct register manipulation

:arrow: :idea: One of my best teachers : the STM examples. :mrgreen:
Have a look at them
The STMCube downloads them automatically :arrow:

I prefer the HAL. so if you google some code, always use the keywords STM32 HAL ...
Next "learning by doing"
start a simple project i.e. reading a push bottom and blink some led's.
do the same with an IRQ
next use a timer to do the same with PWM output

and so on.

the main difference to avr is a straight line through all STM MCU's
i had the same problem years ago :lol:
i've developed a simple application with a arduinoboard,+ Ardu-IDE some external sensor devices ... then i put all together on a PCB board and thought i can do the programming in the same way over the IDE and USB :cry:
that didn't work because the bootloader on arduino is an other as on the bare chips it self. :evil: :roll:

this way i searched for another MCU it was a STM32L031 Nucleo
a nice little thing.
After 1 month, i had a working application with all parts on a PCB and one of these very cheep chinese STLink's to program all.
2 month later my software was ready and is working like charm .