Error of greyed out #error message

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Error of greyed out #error message

Postby ap1 » Tue Apr 07, 2020 2:55 pm

Hello dear forum,

This is my first time writing here. I am relatively new to atollic TrueStudio, I "inherited" some projects from a colleague...

At the moment I have a project where I want to include FFT calculations. Oh, maybe, first of all:
I am using TrueStudio 9.0.0 and STM32F439NI

So CMSIS is already visible in the Drivers folder.
__FPU_PRESENT ist defined as 1U in file stm32f439xx.h
And I uncommented the line #define STM32F439xx in file stm32f4xx.h

In file core_cm4.h (is this the right one for my smt32?) I get an error message in the FPU_USED definition "routine". Although this part, where the #error message stands, is greyed out.

I tried some approaches like uncommenting the #define line (as written above), clean debug, build again, closing and deleting project and reimporting it. But still this error remains.


Any ideas what the problem is and how i can fix this?

Best regards and thanks for any help!
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