ST-Link GDB server GUI option to select "Hardware reset" mode

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ST-Link GDB server GUI option to select "Hardware reset" mode

Postby pieterc » Wed May 01, 2019 9:43 am

Hi everyone!

If the FW disables the debug interface, or the STM32 goes into STOP mode, it prevents the ST-Link GDB server to connect to the target using the "Software reset" method.

My workaround is to launch the ST-Link GDB server on the command-line with "ST-LINK_gdbserver.exe -c config.txt" and editing the config.txt file to include the "-k" option. Then I have to change the Debug configuration in Atollic Studio from "Autostart local GDB server" to "Connect to remote GDB server". This works, but is cumbersome.

I was unable to figure out a way of sending the "hardware reset" option via the Target Software Startup Script. I think the Segger J-Link has a "monitor reset 2" command that can do the trick, but I was unable to discover a similar one for the ST-Link.

Any tips / ideas? @Atollic, can this important GUI option be added? It is available in STM32CubeProgrammer:

Thanks in advance,
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