STM32F303K8 Nucleo project gets Hard Fault error

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STM32F303K8 Nucleo project gets Hard Fault error

Postby stephen.maduzia » Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:36 pm

Atollic rev 9.0.0 trying to generate a project for an STM32F303K8 Nucleo board. When I generate an embedded C project and compile, then go into debugger, The debugger goes immediately into WWDG_IRQ_Handler() instead of to main().
This does not happen when I create an embedded C project for an STM32F031k6 nucleo board.
Also, when I build the GPIO_Toggle example from the STcube directory, it works in the debugger OK, but if I copy the files into a new project, the debugger gets a HardFault_Handler() call before the program gets to main().
I only have this problem with the F303K8 Cortex M4, I don't see it with the F031K6 Cortex M0.

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Re: STM32F303K8 Nucleo project gets Hard Fault error

Postby frank_ee » Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:42 am


Are you using HAL libraries?

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