Debug and list functions in RAM

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Debug and list functions in RAM

Postby Martin_from_K » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:36 am


for speed reasons I put some functions in internal RAM (ITCM on STM32H7) by using >ITCMRAM AT> FLASH in .ld file. This works fine and .map file shows me that this function is in RAM and it also executes there.
Now some questions on this:
- I can't see in .map, where the function is put in flash. All I have is a start and end adress of the range to copy from flash to ram (the ones I set in .ld file), but this contains several functions and I would like to know where each one is.
- In .list file I don't see these functions in flash and the assembler listing at RAM adresses seems to be a lot of nonsense, at least looking at the mnemonics and the C cource code. So finally I don't have an assembler listing at all.
- When debugging a function running in RAM sometimes can't be entered with step into (F5) (not always but if it happens it can be reproduced). It simply steps over. Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks for any help


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