Using delivered examples from Cube (especially LwIP)

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Using delivered examples from Cube (especially LwIP)

Postby rentron » Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:22 am

I'm trying to build a test application (SD_card + FATFS + LwIP). Therfore i've investigated the examples delivered for STM32_EVAL.
Up to now, i'm not able to compile the project w/o errors, and wondering a bit that the project (based on EVAL_board usage) doesn't copy any
bord specific files (so as eval.h etc.) to the Atollic project. What i've done is: Generating a cubeMX project, using FATFS, LWIP, SD_CARD,
then: adding files from example (e.g. eth_application.c/h and others). But: Still resources are missing, compile errors in result.
Surely, i'm doing something wrong - could anybody give me a "basic rule" what would be the best procedure to run a given example w/o problems ?

The simplest answer could be : "copy the examples *.c + *.h to the project and compile" - but this i did first of all and does'nt solve the problem.
Ones again: I don't understand why a project, based on EVAL_board not contains EVAL_board specific support files. any help welcome.

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