Startup and long delays

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Startup and long delays

Postby PsionicOz » Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:38 am


I'm trying to evaluate the Atollic True Studio for ARM toolchain for a new project here at work.

I downloaded Truestudio Lite v8.0.0 and installed it on my work windows 7 machine, this seemed to go well.

However upon trying to start the IDE the splash screen will appear and just sit there for 4.5 minutes (each time) before the "Time for an upgrade" screen is displayed. I can close this window and open projects, review code and compile to my hearts content. However if I attempt to debug anything then I get the same delayed behaviour, GDB sits there for ages before doing anything. if I click on the "build analyzer" and "static stack analyser" windows in the lower right of the screen will see the IDE hang again for 4.5 minutes before control returns. There is something on this work machine that is interfering with the operation of the IDE, it's got something to do with the Atollic specific features within the IDE.

No amount of uninstalling, promoting to Admin privileges will see this Ecosystem work as expected.

I have other Eclipse based ARM IDE's on this work machine that run faultlessly with the same setup, so it's not debugger to platform related. I'm keen to use this environment since it includes processors like the STM32 BlueNRG-1, which is in use here at work. Unfortunately I am not able to change the O/S or configuration of anti-virus since these are controlled by our central IT dept (sigh).

Any help, pointers or suggestions to get me started would be appreciated.


Markus Girdland
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Re: Startup and long delays

Postby Markus Girdland » Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:59 pm

Hello PsionicOz,

We're currently having more than one report of this happening, could you send your details and workspace log (located at $WORKSPACE_PATH\.metadata\.log.) to ?

Thank you!

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